Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dear Busybody Spouses:

Why does everyone automatically seem to think I'm going to get knocked up when my husband takes R&R? What makes you think I want a second child? That I could even have a second child? Why am I viewed as so strange when I say CPT Dick and I have no plans to that effect?


Month 3 of a 15 month deployment. Guess we all need ways to make things a little more interesting. Mine, of course, may be to beat the living shit out of the next person who asks me if I'm going to get busy during R&R.


Butterfly Wife said...

Just tell them all the ways you plan on practicing ... in excruciating detail. That should shut them up. :D

Anonymous said...

I'd like to share some of the crap I get. We started the adoption process before Iraq, part one. EVERYONE said (even those who knew he was gone) "You'll surely get pregnant now." I hope to hell not, he's in a war zone. THAT would be hard to explain and get away with.

Now that Iraq, part deux, is on our horizon, I keep getting the baby questions again. What is it about him deploying that makes you people think it forces us to expand our family?

The question that really chaps my ass, "Are you going to freeze his sperm?" When I get really chapped and it happens to cross up with a chapping of some other sort, I tell them, "No, I'm not ready to throw out the wedding cake top from 11 years ago to make room in the freezer." (yeah, the cake wasn't that great the first time so my thoughts were a year in the freezer wasn't going to make it any better)

My ovaries never boast enough brass to even consider asking some of the deeply personal stuff some folks ask. What ever happened to minding one's own business?

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

So what do you plan to do on R&R then? :D

Seriously....we all practice, but getting knocked up is not what we all have in mind....

Felt your pain, saw that horse and beat it's ass....

Because in the end we all get busy, but it's not anyone's damn business!!!!

I guess I am a prude to some extent, I always hate that people know I'm having sex when he comes home....I mean seriously, when else in life would anyone know what I was doing?????

I want to know who makes that mistake when they make it!


Bette said...

People have no shame when it comes to discussing babymaking. At our last formal, an old coworker of my sweetie's found out we didn't have children together, and he said, "Oh, God hasn't blessed you yet."

Putting religion and breeding choices aside for a moment, I'm nearly 43 and down to one ovary. WTF do you mean "yet"?

Non-Essential Equipment said...

What I love is that when I say we may be done at one child, we get a lecture! One lady told me the other day that only having one was the most selfish thing I could do. Ummm, excuse me? I mean, what if I couldn't have a second and was just putting a brave front on it (and that may not be far from the truth -- the doctors said that one was a long-shot, they've said the same about a second unless I act fast). Anyway, I just wish people would stick their noses back in their own damn babymaking business.