Friday, March 07, 2008

Go Army, Beat Navy.

"Did you bring home those photos for the slideshow?"

"Shit. I forgot."

"Babe, we're only a few days away and I've asked you every day this week. Are you trying to drive me crazy?"

"I'm sorry. I forgot."

"How do you think it's all going to get done if you don't help out a little? Do you think I can just magically do my job, raise the boy and do this FRG crap without you at least doing a little?"

"Oh, come on now. You know you won't be happy unless you're going mach 10 with your hair on fire."

"Are you serious? You did not just quote 'Top Gun' at me."

"I did."

"'Top Gun' is a Navy movie. If you aren't careful they are going to take away your commission."

The countdown begins.

Harassed my husband until he gave in and let me get a full body photo? Check.
Ordered Daddy Doll? Check.
Put up homemade 15 month calendar? Check.
Given CPT Dick a dog tag with Munchkin's picture? Check.
TA 50 starting to show up in random parts of the house? Check.
Crazy spouse phone calls increasing exponentially? Check.
Starting to cry when random songs play on the radio? Check.

Oh yeah. He's leaving soon.