Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Climbing back on the wagon.

Between the move, the stress before and after, the errands, the cleaning, the lack of kitchen supplies and damn near any other excuse I could think of, I've been eating like total and complete crap. I am literally horrified about just what and how much junk food I've put in my body these last few weeks.

I call it the PCS diet.

Have no dishes in the house? Spending hours on post doing inprocessing and errands? Got a cranky boy? Hit Burger King. Easy as pie. Which, if McDonald's had the government contract, I would have ordered along with my chicken sandwich, fries and large cola. And hey, Popeye's has those biscuits. Just one or two will tide me over until I can get home to cook. And with all the stress, I deserve an ice cream. Let me just stop at the Baskin Robbins for a quick cone. And let's not talk about the snacking as I packed or cleaned or those extra couple of glasses of wine on those nights where I thought I just might go crazy without a little buzz. Oh no.

I'm afraid to even try to calculate those calories. I know it was far more than it should be. And with all the waiting around at the house from 8am until 5pm for the cable man and running around post, I haven't made it to the gym in weeks.

What gets me is that I know better. I know my stress-eating triggers well enough to avoid them. I know that finding a way, any way, to get to the gym always helps my stress level. And yet, when faced with the move stress, I still succumbed.

Needless to say, my indiscretions have gone straight to my large post-baby ass and they have hit it hard.

I'm not a skinny woman. I'll never been skinny. But I am generally fit. True, my midsection totally betrays the fact that I pushed a kid out and I'll probably never rock a bikini again, but I can run 6 miles in under an hour and have impressed more than a few soldiers with my ability to do 10 pull-ups. But like most shorter women, add 5 lbs. to my frame and you can instantly see it.

I've gone and added 7.

I'm in my house now. The dishes are unpacked. I have no excuse. It's time to get this belly under control before it decides that it's taking over.

I just wish that giving up the french fries and ice cream and getting back on a regular gym schedule didn't seem so damn depressing.

New blood.

CNN is reporting that House, M.D., one of my television addictions, has hired on several new characters. It's bad enough that I'm battling my Harry-mania right but to learn this now? So many months before the new season begins? What the hell were those media flacks thinking?

Reading this just has me all wondering what will happen to Foreman, Chase and Cameron? Will they go on to start their own department? Will they even still be on the show or come back for episode cameos? If not, is that what we can expect from here on out? To get all connected to these foolish people only to see them driven off by the dreamy crippled Doctor every couple of seasons?

I don't know if my poor heart can take it.


I am not a patient woman. If you even suggested that I were capable of patience to anyone who knows me well, they might just keel over with laughter. And so, now that July 21 is nearly upon us, my mantra has been:

I will not download the leaked Harry Potter pages. I will not download the leaked Harry Potter pages. I will not download the leaked Harry Potter pages. I will not download the leaked Harry Potter pages. I will NOT.

But it is so, so tempting.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crow's feet are sexy.

I gotta say, I think Faith looks better with the crow's feet. Makes me realize that she laughs a lot. But the back fat? Well, as my friend J. told me last night, that just makes me feel good.


Apologies for the lack of posts. But we didn't have Internet for a whole three days. I really did think I might die.

Hello, my name is Non-Essential Equipment and I am an Internet addict.

But as it were, we are now officially moved. And for a military move, it wasn't horrible. Most of the stuff got here in one piece. But we did not manage to placate the moving gods entirely - we were still bitten by all that piddly moving stuff. For example:

(1) We couldn't find any of the appropriate cables for the TV/DVD/Stereo hook-up. Searched through every single box, made a heck of a mess and then decided to just go out and buy some new ones. Then guess what happened? As we opened the cabinet to hook up those new cables, we found that some enterprising young mover had taped them to the inside of the cabinet. Oh well. Always helps to have some spare cables, I guess.

(2) And spares we have plenty. As I seem to recall we couldn't find the cables the last time we moved either and bought new ones. We found those originals in a box of completely random battle rattle. Guess we never got around to returning them.

(3) My wireless modem somehow reset itself (I believe it might have had something to do with CPT Dick trying to set it up without my help, but he denies it). So after multiple hours on hold with customer service, we now have that back up and running. Of course, that makes it sound so simple. And it wasn't. They kept asking me for numbers and passcodes that were all safely packed away.

Now we just have to figure out (a) how we've managed to acquire so much junk and (b) where we are going to put it all.