Thursday, September 18, 2008

In need of some inspiration.

With the economy shifting, so has my business. I've lost one client, fired another and then significantly changed the relationship with a third. Ultimately, this is a good thing but it does change my guaranteed monthly income. And I'll be the first to admit, I get fidgety when I'm not contributing to the GNP so this does have me thinking.

And really, it comes down to, what is it that I want to do now? Come January, I will have shifted a lot off my plate. I will have passed on the FRG baton, fulfilled some family obligations and, now, reduced my weekly work have-tos. My husband will still be gone. Munchkin, of course, will continue to come first but there is time for me to do work that I'm really passionate about.

The question remains, of course, just exactly what that might be.

Do you know John A. Nagl?

You should. He's the equivalent of an Army rock star.

And he had an outstanding essay in the Washington Post last Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Move over, Dr. House. There's someone new in my life.

OK, so is it totally weird that I find myself strangely attracted to Dexter Morgan now that I'm through Season One of the series?

I'm beginning to think that lack of sex may be totally screwing with my taste in men.

Calling all Republicans (again).

I want to hear what you thought of Charlie Gibson's Sarah Palin interview.

Obviously, the "left" is trashing it. But I want to hear from conservatives/Republicans if her responses were what were expected.

Still time to get your vote on!

Voting for this year Milbloggies closes tonight at midnight. Your humble servant is a nominee in the U.S. Military (Spouse) category, along with some other killer blogs.

So if you haven't done so already, get out the vote!

I hate everybody. Again.

This weekend has been fairly crappy.

A few weeks ago, I made a very difficult decision. And that is to step down from the FRG leadership when my husband leaves command. The choice was not made lightly. But ultimately, since we have no idea where CPT/Future MAJ Dick is going next, staying on as FRG leader for the remainder of the deployment might have seemed easier -- at least in the beginning -- but it would not have been best.

For anyone.

Unfortunately, some people see that decision as a betrayal. Several of them having coordinating roles in the FRG. And their response is to try to go all high school on me.

Case in point: We had an event this weekend. I was on point but Mrs. B, an all-star volunteer, said that she would be happy to help set up/organize/host. Even the day before the event, she was still saying she would be there with bells on. She was on it, girl!

But at go time, she was nowhere to be found. No call, no email, no explanation. I called her a few times and couldn't get hold of her on her mobile or her home phone. Then later, after the event, I asked around if anyone had seen her. At that point, honestly, I was a little annoyed but I was mainly concerned. I worried that something had happend with her kids -- or even worse, with her husband.

You could have knocked me over with a feather tonight when she called and read me the riot act for "talking about her behind her back." Being worried should not be my concern. I ain't her mother. If she doesn't want to be somewhere, she don't have to be. She is a volunteer. Her time is her own to do as she pleases. And after all, what do I care? It's not like I care about the FRG anyway.

So, since I've planned an exit, found a replacement and am doing what I can to ensure a seamless transition that will be transparent to these families, it's somehow not all right for me to ask why she said she would help out or why she bailed at the last minute. It is out of place to even think that I deserved an explanation. No matter what, I am in the wrong.

Funny how it all works like that sometimes.