Friday, December 14, 2007

I made a promise I don't think I can keep.

We leave for our Christmas "guilt trip" next week. In a fit of pique, or rather, a lengthy negotiation with CPT Dick about child duty this weekend so I can finish up some work, I somehow promised that if I got my work done I would not take my laptop with me to the states.

That I would be laptop-independent for 9 whole days.

I can't explain my reasoning. I was tired and cranky and really thought I was pulling one over on him. I was stupid.

Someone help me get out of this one.


Have you checked out The Full Body Project? Leonard Nimoy -- yes, Mr. Spock for you Trekkies -- is now dabbling in photography. And doing pretty well.

One of his most recent projects, now a book, is of full figured models. The photos, in black and white, are absolutely stunning. Visually arresting, beautifully composed. Just gorgeous.

And yet, as much as I go on and on about how unfair the world is to women and their bodies, I find that I must admit that these pictures make me somewhat uncomfortable. I can't quite figure out why.

Definitely worth a ponder.

She has a point.

"Mitt Romney's wife was on the radio again. And of course, as if she hadn't told us enough, when asked about how her husband was different from the other candidates, she felt it necessary to mention that she is his first wife."

"She does like to bring that up."

"Here's the thing. I figure it's politics, right? I should expect it."

"You should."

"But by the same token, this guy's been in the game for a while. Chances are, he hasn't been faithful to this woman. Hell, I wanted to cheat on her just in the five minutes she talked on the radio. I can only imagine how bad he must be itching after 20 odd years of marriage."

"You're funny."

"So let's be honest. He's probably cheated but just not gotten caught. And like, I know this sounds jaded, but that makes me wonder what else he's getting away with. I mean, Clinton got caught in a lie. Sure. But it makes him somehow seem more honest because he was just so bad at covering his tracks. And that's how I'm approaching politics these days. How fucked up is that?"

Where is the spirit?

Judith Warner, who usually writes about Mommyhood and all the stuff that comes with it in her NYTimes Domestic Disturbances blog, hits the nail on the head when she takes on the presidential candidates and faith.

Where are the moderates, indeed.