Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ving Rhames for the Oscar!

So I'm watching "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," which, by most accounts, is not the best movie in the world. But oh my goodness, Ving Rhames nails it. I laughed so hard as he grooved in the shower to "I'm Every Woman," that I lost it.

If you are feeling down, I highly recommend it.

As for me, whenever I need a pick-me-up, you'll hear me start to sing, "Whoa, whoa, whooooo-aa." That's right. It's all in me.

Dear Busybody Spouses:

Why does everyone automatically seem to think I'm going to get knocked up when my husband takes R&R? What makes you think I want a second child? That I could even have a second child? Why am I viewed as so strange when I say CPT Dick and I have no plans to that effect?


Month 3 of a 15 month deployment. Guess we all need ways to make things a little more interesting. Mine, of course, may be to beat the living shit out of the next person who asks me if I'm going to get busy during R&R.

To date, there has not been one sighting of Swedish fish.

Munchkin and I spent a few days traveling about Sweden. Not for any particular reason. Mainly to find another way to make the time pass.

It was a lovely trip. I highly recommend it. Especially the Junibacken -- a storybook tribute to Astrid Lindgren, complete with Pippi's own Villa Villakulla. It was so much fun.

But seriously. Not one Swedish fish. Unless you count all of the char, which being a Swedish fish purist myself, really do not.