Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On noticing the important details in entertainment.

"Is this Shakira with Beyonce?"


"So, does Shakira ever do any songs by herself?"

"Yes, lots. In fact, she even had several albums before she crossed over where she sang all by herself."

"You sure? She had that hips song with Wyclef and then that other one with Horatio Sanz."

"You mean Alejandro Sanz?"

"Same difference."

"No, Horatio Sanz is the SNL guy who put pancakes down his pants in 'Road Trip.' Alejandro Sanz is a sexy Spanish singer with a gravelly voice."

"Those weren't pancakes. That was French Toast."

"Same difference."

"No, there is a really big difference between pancakes and French Toast, especially down the pants. Think texture."

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