Monday, March 12, 2007

Only in support roles.

On his Latin American tour, Bush said that the additional Iraq troops are only for support.

"Those combat troops are going to need, you know, some support, and that's what the American people are seeing in terms of Iraq -- the support troops necessary to help the reinforcements do their job," Bush said at a news conference Sunday with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Ummm, why is this supposed to make people feel better? Is he saying support personnel don't count or have less value than combat troops? Is he saying that since they are support they won't be in danger? This is a little ambiguous and more than a little insulting. Troops fill all kinds of roles as they are needed. And if they are in a combat situation, they are all subject to hostile fire.

But my most curious question today -- why hasn't anyone called Bush on this remark? I mean, if John Kerry had said it, they'd be burning effigies at the Fox News anchor desk as we speak.

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