Friday, April 06, 2007


I'll admit it. I love the gossip blogs. They are funny, irreverent and totally increase my own personal self-esteem by showing me supermodels and actresses without make-up, airbrushing or good lighting.

But sometimes, they go too far.

For some reason, Cord, the editor of Mollygood, decided that a post about Uma Thurman's "sagging" breasts was appropriate. You can see the photos that he based his post on by clicking on the link.

Cord sets off to defend Uma's boobs but does a shitty job of it saying large breasts will eventually fall. Ummm, sorry but her boobs still look great. This is what happens when we get used to looking at fake boobs all the time. We can't look at a great set of God-given ta-tas without sniping.

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