Monday, November 12, 2007

Confession #3.

Since we're heading back to the states to see family at Christmas (which I am referring to the "guilt trip" -- aren't I punny?), CPT Dick wants to go spend a week, just the three of us, somewhere warm and relaxing right before deployment. He has a few criteria for the trip:
  1. It is warm.
  2. It is sunny.
  3. There is a beach.
  4. There is a golf course.
  5. It is all-inclusive.
  6. It does not have entertainers or other individuals that will try to get you up and dance on the bar when you are just trying to get a goddamn refill on your beer.
  7. It has stuff for the Munchkin to do.
  8. It is not on the military's no-go list.
  9. It costs no more than an arbitrary random figure that he pulled out of his butt.

Umm, hello? Warm and sunny in February? Meals and drinks included? You want all that? No problem. Wait? You want it for how much?

Yes, my husband has no concept of time, space or how much a decent vacation costs now that our son is old enough to require his own seat on the plane and we are looking for sun and surf in February.

It's not that we can't afford more than my husband's set price. We can. And frankly, since he'll be heading off for 15-18 months in the desert, I think that we should be willing to splurge to make sure he gets exactly the kind of decompression trip he's after. But he, being dumb, can't think outside the change purse.

So here's my third confession. I found the perfect vacation spot -- a week in the Maldives. And I found a great deal on a resort there. It's gorgeous, has activities for toddlers and an open bar. It is my husband's dream come true.

But it's almost twice the amount that my husband wants to spend.

So guess what? I'm not telling him. I booked it today and then immediately sent out a bunch of emails to editors I work with frequently asking for a little extra work this month. With holiday crunches upon them, most of them came back with something. I got enough to cover the whole trip plus some diving for me.

I won't tell him about the extra work either.

And if he asks me how much the total was? Well, I'll just fudge the numbers a bit. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.


Butterfly Wife said...

My, my. No surprise that you picked the Maldives. But I am guess it is a little more than $1000. ;-)

I've got a memory (for some things) like a steel trap and a great ability to search. :D

Have a great vacation!

loquita said...

Love it!

Jenna said...

NICE.... now I hope he doesn't read the blog.... cuz then your secret is hosed LOL

Lee Anne said...

You rock! He's a very lucky fella!

A soldier's wife..... said...

8-) we do confession time with our family, once during R&R and then again after deployments, and I guess if we ever have a normal life we will do them more often. Here is how this works, we sit down and out of the blue either my husband or I will just say, okay time to confess....and we get to be absolved of whatever it is we did without any repercussions from there are limits on this.....marriage vows remain in tact, no one gets hurt, laws are never broken etc.....

We recently did this over R&R....and I found out some things about my daughters that left me with my mouth hanging open.....and they were not in trouble, but we had a heart to heart about what they had each done and why it was not the right decision to make and what they should have done instead and what they will do in the future....I will say that a couple years ago I sort of did something like what you are doing.....and at confession husband was first reminded of the benefit he had over what I had done before I dropped the dime, literally, well it was more like the thousand or so dollars worth of dimes on him......he sat there and looked at me with this blank stare on his face......he was not mad, and of course by then with the deployments it had been long paid off, he thanked me for telling him, but made me promise not to make that kind of decision again without him......

So I think all in all, doing it outweighed not doing it, so if someday you fess up....he will be okay with the way, does he read your blog? My husband, I know does...although he claims he doesn' although I'd love to do the confession thing on mine, I'd have to do another blog, which was totally anonymous to even him....and what fun would that be?

Good luck though with it, I look forward to hearing about the trip, sounds devine.....we went to Mallorja and had a blast much in the same way you are going on really helped before the deployment, but that was years ago.....we definitely need another trip soon!

prophet said...

Wow, that looks great! Ach: warm weather. I want some.

Ok. . . . now I confess: I had to load Google Maps to find out where the Maldives were.

I'm so ashamed.

Non-Essential Equipment said...

CPT Dick is aware of the blog but he doesn't really read it.

Heck, I can't even get him to read his email, so I don't think I have to worry too much.