Friday, August 01, 2008

A new online addiction.

Earlier this week, a total-blast-from-the-past high school boyfriend (wait -- can you call someone a boyfriend if you only "went together" for like two weeks back in 8th grade and only ever held hands?) invited me to Facebook. Bored and on my third glass of wine, I joined up.

It's going to be a new addiction. I can feel it. Seeing so many people from these past high school and college lives feels like a voyeur's dream. I can see who married who, who had kids, who got fat, and -- even more entertaining -- who has had plastic surgery.

It's amazing what kind of shit people will post on social networking sites these days.

I'm not sure if the allure will last. Once your curiosity is piqued, can someone twittering about getting their nails done really hold the thrill that seeing their pre- and post-nosejob pictures can? Probably not. But it was something nostalgic and silly to do this week when I was ready to run screaming away from my own life.

And that's something, anyway.


loquita said...

Facebook is totally the addiction that you think it will be. I am all about finding out juicy information about people from the past. I would *love* the opportunity to see something as amusing as before and after nose job pics - that's freakin' awesome. hehe

anchored away said...

I always envy people who can look up old friends from childhood. I was a Marine brat, so I lost contact with most of my old friends with all the moves we did. I've kept up with a few from high school, but we didn't exactly have a lot of history before we all went off to college....

So jealous. :)

Kayt and Nick said...

I've decided Facebook is like reality television -- but from your own real life.

Anchored, you can list every school you went to (we moved around a lot, too) and it will show you people you *may* know. It's amazing.