Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ed Burns, you had me at "I gotta do it my way."

Last night, I watched Ed Burns' most recent film, "The Groomsmen." Now I like Ed Burns movies. I thought "The Brothers McMullen" (despite the casting of Burns' then girlfriend, Maxine Bahn) was hilarious and "She's the One" was even better. As for "The Groomsmen," it was funny but not an overall winner.

Conan the Love God, however, thinks that Burns' movies suck.

But even he had to give props during the scene when Matthew Lillard (who should totally be working more) starts giving his two sons flack for not practicing. Practicing what, you ask? You guess the piano, maybe a clarinet or something equally as mundane. His kids moan and groan -- because who doesn't when a parent tells them it's time to practice again? -- but then they begrudgingly do as they're told.

And then, as their father air drums along, they pay Loverboy's "Turn me Loose" -- one on bass guitar and the other on lead. I not only laughed my ass off but was really, really touched by what Burns captured in the scene. A father, who had to grow up all too soon, was sharing his own loves with his kids. Here was a guy who realized that he didn't have to give up all of his dreams when he had children. He could just share them.

It was perfect.

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