Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting ready for a deployment.

Now that we know that CPT Dick (oh wait, excuse me, Conan the Love God) is definitely deploying, I am facing a conundrum. How do I get Munchkin ready?

He's currently in a serious Daddy-loving phase. If he sees his father, he runs over and demands to be picked up immediately. If it is a choice between Daddy or me taking him up to bed, he chooses Daddy. If Daddy leaves to go out for a run, Munchkin throws a fit about being left behind. And though he doesn't have many words yet, Daddy is definitely one of them and he repeats it like a broken record in the evenings when he thinks CtLG should be home. "Daddy? Daddy. Daddy? Daddy. DADDY!"

So how do I even begin to go about preparing a two-year-old for his father's departure later this year? I really have no idea.

Maybe there isn't really any way to do so.

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