Friday, September 21, 2007

Holy crap, I'm carrying what?!

My friend, B. tagged me via email to confess the contents of my purse. I am too mortified to do so publicly so I'm posting it here instead.
  • A wallet stuffed with receipts, some of which are so old that you can no longer read the print on them.
  • Two diapers and a package of wipes.
  • The "Mom" tissues -- meaning that approximately three of them are previously used. By whom I could not exactly say.
  • Three Matchbox cars - a Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade and a convertible Porsche 911, to be exact.
  • Chewbacca.
  • A Clinique Black Honey lipstick, covered in lint from the times it has opened accidentally in my purse.
  • The food journal that I never actually use.
  • A box of raisins and a juice box.
  • Two pens that don't actually write, but one of them is sparkly!
  • My international driver's license.
  • Miscellaneous pieces of Chex, Goldfish crackers, pretzels and other stuff that I assume (hope?) was once some type of foodstuff.
  • A tampon with a ripped wrapper that is halfway out of the applicator.

Guess I have some cleaning out to do. But what about you? What kind of junk are you carrying around?


Lee Anne said...

My purse was packed with a bunch of random crap from the move. The other day I was trying to dig out my phone and pulled out a pair of orange pliers. What did I do? I bought another purse...

dutchgirl said...

Great minds think alike, Black Honey is good stuff (I can never find mine at the bottom of my purse when I want it). The only difference between my purse and yours is I have a doll and seashells instead of the cars and chewbacca!

Kimba said...

If you don't want to drive your son's future wife out of her mind, get rid of the Porsche 911 convertible Matchbox car. It would be a shame if he decided he needed one.

We have the full sized version in the garage, and although it's gorgeous, it is a maintenance nightmare - like nothing I have ever experienced.

I tell J it's probably a lot like dating a supermodel - it's great for the drive, but, WOW, is everything else a pain in the ass.

(I never realized how sexist that sounds until just now.)

Bette said...

In every purse, I have foam earplugs. This used to be because I saw a lot of live music. Now they're just as likely to be used at the shooting range or out on the motorcycle. Times do change.

prophet said...

I did this once, about 5 years ago, having come back from a weekend trip and having found grapes (grapes!!!) in my oversized shoulder-bag.

Not one or two squashed specimens at the bottom, sticking ooze, but a small bunch, cradled in a paper towel. It took me a moment to remember when I'd put them in. It was several days prior to the weekend trip. And it's not like I hadn't had my hand in the bag after that!

I wrote it up back then, and did a tally - and was absolutely amazed. If I can find it, I'll post it.

It changed my life. No - (grin) - no metaphysical conversion insights. But I clean out my bag now probably once a week. Can't afford to be wasting grapes!