Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two good movies in one week.

I love Netflix. I believe I've waxed poetic more than a time or two. But despite Netflix's excellent and speedy service, they still do send me a fair bit of crap. I know, I know -- not their fault. No worries -- I'm not trying to shoot the messenger. But it's important to point out that just due to the fact that I'm almost totally reliant on a mail service for my movies, a good number of those I watch are either blah or total crap.

Not this week. Netflix sent me not one but TWO excellent films. I am so ecstatic that I must share.

The first was The Lookout. Fine, so I just put it on the top of my queue because it stars my new boycrush Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But it was well worth it. A good all-around film. It's about a guy with a brain injury who gets wrapped up in a bank heist. Excellent acting by both Gordon-Levitt and his co-stars.

The second film was Inside Man. I'll tell you upfront that it's a Spike Lee Joint. But you know, you'd never know it (well, maybe with the exception of the moving walkway type shot). Jodie Foster, who I had forgotten is one of my favorite actresses, kicks ass in spike heels and attitude -- just a very different character from the one I normally associate with her. I really enjoyed it.

So if you are looking for a movie (and didn't see either of these in the theater like the rest of the world), check 'em out.

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Bette said...

Oooh, I liked Inside Man too! So much that I didn't object to seeing it a zillion times more on cable because someone in the house couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the whole thing at once. I've always had a bit of a thing for Denzel, which might have played into it....