Wednesday, November 07, 2007

For a seriously hilarious trip in the way back machine.

Check out 15 Minute Lunch's "Strap in, shut up and hold on. We're going back."

'Cause, like, seriously? Can there ever be enough terry cloth?


Marine Wife said...

That was too funny. And painful! The sad thing is that couples still dress alike in Korea. Seriously.

A soldier's wife..... said...

OMG, I friggin laughed my butt off....and here, showing my age in a serious fashion, we lived by the Penneys and Sears catalogs back then...especially during Christmas....I seem to recall that edition of the catalog and I think my father actually had the leprechaun suit...but in blue.....called it a leisure suit...I have a photo somewhere from that year of our family of him in it and I am freaked out by the mere sight of the "get your a$$ kicked in school" photos...cause back then we were cool (or so we thought)....darn it and terrycloth was so in!!!!! :D