Monday, March 24, 2008

So, I fibbed.

I've been busy with all kinds of pre-deployment nonsense. It's as if the Army can't stand to see any void left unfilled. I mean, why would we, as families of soldiers, want to spend any time one-on-one with our husbands when we could be paraded around to endless ceremonies, balls, luncheons and other mandatory fun events? And what's worse, why on earth would we want to be hanging with our men when we could attend spouse-only coffees, dinners and other ridiculousness? I mean, I totally want to see these women, you know, the ones I'll see every damn day for the next 15 months, as much as I can before the deployment clock starts ticking!

It just don't make a damn lick of sense.

I know, I know. I'm cranky. But it doesn't help that being around so many people this time of year has guaranteed me that pre-spring icky flu.

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ABW said...

Oh I so agree!!! Gunner was supposed to work half days before he deployed and it never worked out that way. Instead they would be sitting in an office looking at each other, sleeping and hanging out because they *needed* to be there. Gunner was never amused that he would have to spend anymore time looking at the same faces he would see for 15 months when he could be home with us!