Friday, September 05, 2008

For Cripes' sake.

Why does everyone automatically assume I'm voting for Obama? Seriously?

This is something that is coming from both political sides. From Republicans, "I know you are going to vote for Obama, but..." or "I just don't understand how you can vote for Obama..."

And then equally as aggravating, from the Democrats, "Thank goodness for Obama, right?" and "At least we've known who we were going to vote for from the beginning..."

I'm getting a little fed up, honestly.

I know it may seem ridiculous but I still don't know how I will cast my vote come November. I know where I stand on the issues but I'm not in agreement 100% with either of the candidates. I need to hear more from them than the tedious celebrity gossip fest that has been going on so far. I need more so I can make a decision based on reason instead of rhetoric.

Hopefully, that will start now that the pageantry is over.


Lee Anne said...

Oh, hell yes. This so resonates! My friends and associates in the ivory tower are really confused about my vote. They seem to think I vote Democrat all the time because I'm a humanities academic or that I vote Republican all the time because I'm married to someone in the military. It's annoying as hell and not that it's any of their business anyway. Although I feel strongly about some issues, I no longer base my vote on how much I agree with a party or a candidate. It's more about how they will do the job and bring our country together.

Years ago I would have never voted for someone who was antichoice (how's that for a rhetorical label); now, although my stance on choice is the same, I no longer base my vote on that one issue (or on any particular party). Even the most "enlightened" have a hard time understanding that CHOICE.

Bring on the debates.

loquita said...

Nice - pageantry. That's a good way to describe these conventions.

As a 20-something in Philly, forget about telling anyone you're still making up your mind, and you're not out campaigning for Obama... I feel your pain.

Butterfly Wife said...

Well, in your post the other day you did say that the Dems were likely to get your vote this year. So people probably read this as you are definitely voting for Obama.

In the last election, I was in the same boat you seem to be now. The worst was having people around me ridiculing those who were still undecided. (I made up my mind in the voting booth.)

Non-Essential Equipment said...

BW, you are correct. I have not said as much to my real-life compatriots, however. I've said the truth -- and what I qualified in that same post -- I want to learn more before I make a final decision.

And making up my mind in the voting booth does not sound like a bad idea!