Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Um, remember that part about kids being off-limits?

The lovely and talented Miss Kimbaland linked to my post about feeling like a sexist concern Gov. Sarah Palin (thanks, Kimba!). I still feel the same way. I decided to console myself by purchasing a "Hooters" t-shirt on the Internet. Might as well embrace it.

But, OMIGOD, the whole circus around her daughter's recently announced pregnancy? This shit is playing like an episode of Desperate Housewives. All we need is a trashy looking Southern prostitute (gender optional), a midget and a ball gag to have ourselves some truly decadent entertainment.

Months ago, a friend of mine said that she would never vote for McCain because of a joke he made about Janet Reno being Chelsea Clinton's father at some public event 10 years ago. I can see why that wouldn't play. But that same friend is now completely enthralled with this Bristol Palin pregnancy blow-out. She even went so far as to call her a little slut. And ironically, she really doesn't see why everyone's obsession with Bristol Palin's reproductive organs is just as inappropriate. Even when you point out why it is. Funny how party lines can change things. And the Internet isn't being any kinder. I guess when you smell blood in the water, it doesn't matter whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

Ignoring the politics, here we have a 17 year old girl whose sex life is now making the front page of newspapers. It's not right. So, please, let's we, as voters, Americans and decent people, let this one alone. Dislike Palin for her policies or personal values. Vote your conscience. But let's leave her daughter, who didn't ask to be the potential VP's kid, and her personal business out of it. And that includes whether Bristol is also the mother to Trig. It has nothing to do with Palin as a politician or a mother. It has nothing to do with us. Let's get beyond this so we can pay attention to what's really important -- an election that has the potential to change the course of history.

P.S. Kimba, I guess you could call me an independent. But in the past, my votes have generally gone towards liberal bed-wetting Democrats. They probably will this time, too. But I happily embrace the opportunity to listen and learn more about all the candidates. If only to get fodder for this blog.

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liberal army wife said...

the child should be left alone.. but I have to say that the newly announced trotting out of the boyfriend/fiance - is tacky. Would they be forcing them to marry (if that is the case) if she wasn't up for Veep? I am more interested in the undue influence accusations/investigation, the 25 million sent to her little town.. the alaska independence party claims, amongst other things.

Kimba pointed out that then none of the children shouldbe be "used" including adult children. I'm not sure about that. If the son or daughter is of age, and chowses to get on the stump for his/her parent, does that count?