Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Parents will often be the first to tell you that you should procreate because you get to view the world through innocent eyes. It's so much fun! There's so much to re-learn! And hey, you get to play with Legos again! Or some other such brand of bullshit. It's often true but people get way too sanctimonious about it. Most of the time, if the conversation heads into that direction, that's the point where I either grab some Jim Beam or daze off into space.

But as I said, it is often true.

Yesterday, I walked outside to find two of my tires totally flattened. Usually, this would have given me the opportunity to display my She-Ra like tire-changing skills. You know, flex my muscles for the man. But this car has those auto-fill tires. You know, so you never wake up and find your two tires flattened. But I digress.

There was nothing to do but call a tow truck. And you know, there is just nothing more annoying that being at the whim of a tow truck driver. And as I ranted and raved and got myself worked up in a tizzy about the tow truck company that was going to gauge me $75 since I opted to pay $500 for a tire refilling system that didn't work, my son just watched me curiously.

But when the tow truck finally arrived? Oh my gosh, you would have thought that I had planned the most awesome play date ever. Munchkin was thrilled with the whole process. And when the tow truck driver allowed Munchkin to push the button on the remote to pull up the car onto the bed and then drive in the cab? I think I might have just been made mother of the year.

It's funny how his reaction made a totally irritating situation so entertaining. Hopefully he can do something equally as cute when it comes time to pay for the two new tires.

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Butterfly Wife said...

Sounds just like my nephew. Pretty neat!