Friday, February 09, 2007

Never say never.

When I was pregnant, stuffing my face with bon bons and generally trying my best not to consider the full implications of being completely and utterly responsible for another human being, I said all kinds of funny things. My kid would never sleep in my bed. My kid would not watch TV. My kid's toys would never take over the house. Hell, my kid wouldn't even have that many toys because I wouldn't permit our families to spoil him.

Yeah, I was that dumb.

I also said that he wouldn't listen to kid's music. You know, those annoying CDs of rock hits sung by children's choruses, anything having to do with Barney or any other gateway dinosaur, and no, and I mean no, hokey pokey. And unlike the other resolutions I made, which pretty much disappeared into thin air as soon as I had a child who screamed at a pitch that made the hair fall out of my head, I stuck to the no kiddie music rule for a good long time. But alas, those days are over.

Last week, the Sesame Street Platinum Hits CD was on sale at the PX. And without even a second thought, I bought it. Munchkin has started voicing complaints about drives in the car and with a few roadtrips on the horizon (as well as a lot more carting him around with his Daddy off shooting crap), I felt it was a sound investment.

And since its purchase, it has been on heavy rotation in my car. Okay, so it's all that I've played. And I find I'm listening to it -- and hell, yes, I'll admit it -- singing along even when Munchkin isn't with me. It's a really pathetic reminder to never say never. Especially when it comes to the wills of children.

I also saw the Muppet Show CD on the rack. I think I'm going to head back and pick it up. If only to give me a break from "Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo."

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