Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is your brain on exercise.

People who exercise more have more neurogenesis, or creation of new neurons in the brain.

Makes sense, don't it?


prophet said...

man. you just HAD to post that, didn't you? make it harder for all the REST of us to put off that brisk walk in the name of continuing our oh-so-superior intellectual work? make it impossible for us to lie to ourselves any more?!


I hope you're proud of yourself.

[no hamsters, mice, or other rodents were damaged or even tired out in the publishing of this comment]

loquita said...

I think I've read stats that girls who participate in athletics in high school are more likely to go to college, or to have a better body image.

It seemed like being fit just gave these girls more confidence. But maybe it just made them smart enough to make better decisions, and also supported college attendance by increasing admissions test scores like the SAT?

I'm all about wild theories, and I really like this one!

Very cool article.

Kimba said...

Ahhh - I am reading this right after a run. A hot, gross run, at that. But without a run, I have too much nervous energy to focus on much of anything.

So thanks for the validation!