Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I phoned my sister earlier today and my soon-to-be four-year-old nephew who usually runs screaming from the telephone when it's presented to him actually requested to speak to me. To me!

I was completely charmed. And remained so even after I realized that he only wanted to present me with his birthday list. Hey, at least I'm that important. He doesn't usually deign to accept presents from too many folks either.

"NEE, my birthday is coming up."

"I know! What do you want this year? Anything good?"

"Well, Mommy says no but..."

(And I hate this part, because Mommy often says no to stuff I think is absolutely brilliant -- you know, for anyone's kid except my own).

"If Mommy says no, honey, it's probably for a good reason."

"But I want a tank. A real Army tank. And CPT Dick can get me one."

"A tank?!"

"Yes, and I know Mommy says no because I'm too young but I promise I won't shoot it right now."

"You won't?"

"No, I'll keep it in the backyard and just play on it. I won't touch the gun or the big red button that shoots the gun."

"The big red button?"

"Yes, the big red button that kills the bad guys. Duh. I won't touch it."

(Note: He says "duh" like he's 16. I'm certain that he rolls his eyes when he does it, too).

"You don't think you might be tempted to shoot the tank, honey?"

"Well, only if any mountain lions come into the backyard. Or when Mr. X's dog comes and poops in the front yard. Then I think that Mommy will say it's okay."


Scully's Moulder said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Kids can be so brilliant yet maintain nievety at the same time. My youngest is 7 now and they truely don't stop saying the most amazing things. Good luck. :)

Butterfly Wife said...

My sister's son just turned 3 and requested to talk to me on the phone. That was sooo cool.

A tank is a GREAT idea! Even better than a drum set. :D

Marine Wife said...

Too funny! My nephew thought hubs needed to be in a tank the first time he deployed because that would be so much safer (at least in a 6 yr old's mind). The things they come up with.