Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Did somebody step on a duck?

When I was a little girl, my father used to say, "Did somebody step on a duck?" whenever he farted. When I was 6, this was hilarious. When I was 10, I realized that he stole it from some Burt Reynolds movie but still found it pretty funny. But by the teen years? Oh, yeah, it made me cringe. But in fairness, I was desperately trying to pretend that people didn't actually fart. I think all of the gas bottled up inside me made me cranky.

But I digress.

Today, Munchkin and I went to feed the ducks. This is a new afternoon pasttime of ours and he loves it. But when I went to get the old bread out of the fridge today, it was gone. Turns out, CPT Dick took some moldy bread with him to work. (Serves him right for taking his son's duck bread!) The only other thing that looked like might work were some really old bagels. But, people, they were everything bagels. Heavy on the garlic and onion.

We fed the duckies and they ate those everything bagels right up. And as my kid threw the last piece of bagel to them, I remembered my father's gaseous catch phrase and started cracking up. Because in the back of my mind, I had a strange suspicion that the Daddy Duck, feeling the full effects of all that garlic and onion, was going to be telling his ducklings later that someone, somewhere must have stepped on a human.


prophet said...

ah - that's a good one. . . . . grin!

in our family, we shot rabbits.

Don't ask. (don't tell)

Butterfly Wife said...

dats funny!

Dr.John said...

Now I will have that image of some duck saying "Somebody stepped on a human every time I hear a fart.

Lee Anne said...

My husband always curses the barking spiders...