Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My son, the magician.

For a two-year-old, my kid has quite the movie collection. Since we don't have television, the kid gets to occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) watch DVDs, usually of the Disney or Sesame Street variety.

Lately, some of the DVDs have gone missing. Munchkin likes to play DJ, putting in one disc and then catching sight of another and switching them out. Not all discs get put back in the cases. And so, right now, we have about three DVDs that have disappeared into the land of unmatched dryer socks and extra extension cords.

Today, Munchkin started doing the switcheroo game again. But this time, I was damned if he was going to lose another DVD. I watched him carefully and as he put down one DVD, I made him help me put it back on its case and then back on the shelf.

But, somehow, someway, one of the DVDs once again went missing. I searched high, I searched low. I opened every DVD case to make sure that we didn't put it in the wrong one. I went to his room to make sure he didn't take it there accidentally. And I was about to start pulling apart the adult DVD case (no, not that kind of adult -- we keep our porn in the bedroom because we're classy), the kid walks right up to the DVD player with the missing disc and pops it in.

I have no idea where he got it from since I was so busy looking for it. I'm imagining that every possible lost item is stashed there just waiting for him to take out at his leisure. I tell you, either my kid is a magician or he is much, much smarter than me.

I wonder how long it would take him to learn how to run his own shell game scam.

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