Friday, May 09, 2008

You want your soldier to have a cel phone? Really?!

One of the biggest demands that families had before our unit deployed was that their husbands be able to take their mobile telephones with them. I thought this a terrible idea for a variety of reasons. One, you can be tracked with a mobile phone on a network. Two, if you ring your soldier at the wrong time and his phone is on, there goes any chance of hiding. And three, well, chances are, even with that phone, you aren't going to talk to him any more often than you would anyway. At least, if the soldier is doing his job and not putting his comrades in danger.

But I must admit, when I made arguments against bringing mobile phones to Iraq, I never thought of the accidental pocket-dial. And as a soldier named Stephen Phillips just found out, those kind of accidental pocket dials can happen at the wrong time.

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liberal army wife said...

now I hated getting the "I couldn't get hold of you, where are you?" calls from Son when he was in the Sand, or DH when he was there... but to get a call like the Phillips one! Oh. my. gawd. I'da lost it. Now, when the kid called from somewhere in Sadr City... and then said "Hey mom, gotta go, we're getting mortared"... I did spend a sleepless night! Then I reamed him a new one when he called a day or so later...